Meet Greg & Tash

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Greg and Tash are passionate personal trainers who have been immersed in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years, combined.

They have helped hundreds of people shed excess body fat AND keep it off for good through the healthiest sustainable diet and exercise protocols.

Outside of CHIA PRO, they can be found helping people achieve their fitness goals at Body Mbrace in Perth, which has been successfully running for 12 years and counting.

Being born and raised in Canada, Tash quickly realised that the options in Australia are very limited when it comes to "healthy treats", which is where the idea of CHIA PRO was born.

Both trainers are obsessively preaching to their clients about upping their protein and fibre intake, albeit with a lot of blank stares! What does that even mean? Our mission is to educate people on the importance of dietary macronutrients that get overlooked in the mainstream health space.

We hope you love the product that we have put our heart and soul into. It's no lie when we say that we ourselves eat CHIA PRO every single day, without fail!

Please leave a review on the product page if you love your CHIA PRO - word of mouth is still the best way to support a small business. We appreciate you!

Stay healthy,
Tash & Greg

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