• The proof is in this high protein pudding.

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The Perfect Protein & Fibre-Filled Snack

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What is Chia Pro?

Chia Pro High Protein Chia Pudding is a new way to eat the world's most celebrated superfood. It is a delicious blend of chia seed, flaxseed and wholesome plant proteins in an easy-to-mix-up way; no recipe needed. With only 133 calories and 13 grams of protein per serving, Chia Pro is a great way to enjoy your chia pudding as a healthy breakfast, a nutritious snack or a guilt free dessert.

Chia Pro is gluten free, dairy free, vegan and keto friendly.


"These chia puddings are tasty, healthy, and have saved me from constipation. TMI, I know, but a good pooping routine is important people! I don't get bloated or uncomfortable like I do with some other fibre-rich products."

Madi Strudwick

A change of tune!

"I'm NOT a fan of chia - can't stand them in puddings, etc., but this is yummy! I've definintely changed my mind about chia pudding. The peanut butter choc flavour is to die for!"

Lainey Coterill

Craving Crusher

"Surprisingly 'filling'/ satisfying as far as keeping the hunger and cravings at bay... longer and more-so than you would think!"

Janelle Wickham

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